Christ Jesus Lord Freedom in Worship

Sometimes we are so inhibited. We cover ourselves up. We hang blinds and curtains on our windows. We tint our vehicle windows. We keep to ourselves, don’t dare to be real with others and don’t nurture deep, meaningful relationships even with our Christ Jesus Lord.

On the flip side, some of us walk around indecently exposed; we express ourselves very freely through dress, hairstyles, body piercing and tattoos, pickets, and boycotts.

So why do we find it difficult to worship God freely?

Why would we feel bashful to “let it all go” in front of our Creator Christ Jesus Lord the One who knit our very fibers together in our mothers’ wombs?

It amazes me on Sunday mornings. Musicas Evangelicas The same folks who expressed themselves quite openly at the football game now stand (or sit) motionless during the scheduled time of praise and worship.

Some of the almost-mute types (during worship) will talk your ear off at lunch, or on the telephone. I don’t get it.

King David got caught up in worship one time – to the horror of his wife Michal – as the God’s people brought the Ark of the Covenant out from captivity. (2 Kings 6:14) Michal mocked David for engaging in public worship.

Maybe she thought it undignified for a King to display such emotion. Or perhaps she didn’t understand what a heart for God would do. David told her he was not ashamed, and would do it again! Despite his mistakes, David lived a life of worship to God and wasn’t about to give up the freedom that comes in praising Him openly.

Do you have a heart for Christ Jesus Lord? Are you willing to “bare it all” to worship Him? Some claim a heart for God, but let inhibitions stand in their way of enjoying true freedom in worship, whether alone or with other Christians.

Are you embarrassed of your own sin? Does fear of what others think stop you?

We’re all sinners! King David was a sinner! But because of what our Christ Jesus Lord accomplished on the cross we can stand boldly in front of God!

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