Introduction to Rowing


As one of the best full body exercises available, learn about the fundamentals of rowing here.


Rowing is made up of two kinds of rowing sweep or sculling oar, with both lightweight and heavyweight divisions. A rower has an oar in each hand in sculling, and uses one oar in sweep rowing.


Team Setup

Boats rowers – In a group of eight rowers there’s also a cox, who’s responsible for steering the ship and directing the team.


Olympic rowing is an endurance test over 2,000m (1.24 miles), with endings that can achieve speeds of around 10m per minute (36kph or nearly 22.5mph). Crews cover the middle 1,000m at about 40 strokes per minute, but over the first and last 500m, the team can be moving at a speed of approximately 47 strokes.


The Olympic Games has had a rowing contest but didn’t include the rowing contest of the women. Girls compete in six of the 14 medal events.


The rowing events:


  • Pair — men
  • Scull — men
  • Sculls — women
  • Eight with cox — guys
  • Eight with cox — girls
  • Four without cox — guys
  • Coxless four — guys
  • Double sculls — guys
  • Double sculls — girls
  • Pair without cox — girls
  • Quadruple sculls without cox — guys
  • Quadruple sculls without cox — girls
  • Sculls — men
  • Sculls — women
  • Health and fitness benefits of rowing

Rowing can benefit body and the mind in the following areas:


  • Arm muscles that are Ufabet developing and upper body strength.
  • Exercising the system and improving oxygen supply.
  • Boosting hand and endurance flexibility.
  • Assessing the mind and developing concentration.


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