The Perfect Funnel

A funnel is a system that a prospect/lead is placed through. The funnel walks the lead through an educational process.

A funnel has different levels of commitment where the prospect/lead can decide to:

* Leave
* Camp Out
* Purchase and/or
* Keep moving down the funnel..

You as the owner of the funnel have an opportunity to earn income at every layer of the funnel.
Your funnel should consist of:

* A Low Cost Funded Proposal. This can be an informational, generic training program that your prospects can use to grow any MLM /Network Marketing business that they desire.

* Tools And Training. This is the area of your funnel that should have tools and training that your prospects can use to grow any business that they desire.

* A Top Tier Program. clickfunnels certification review This is the cashflow generating machine that will solve one of the biggest problems in our industry (the lack of cashflow). This layer of your funnel is where your prospects can purchase a program for them to utilize to generate cash for whatever business they choose.

* A Solid MLM/Network Marketing Program. A program that has a consumable product, a program that has a strong corporate leadership team, a strong field leadership and most importantly an international expansion plan. This will allow your prospects/leads to create walk away/drink out of a coconut money, an income that is predictable and limitless.

This is the description of the perfect funnel.

One more tip on marketing funnels, your marketing system should create continuity within all the layers of your funnel, your system should put it all together and the system itself should be an income generating tool that your prospects/leads can use to build any business in our industry that they desire.

Until the next one, Take Care.

Jaime Morales is an active leader in network marketing. Jaime is an advocate for the entire industry and shares his generic training in an effort to give back to the industry that changed his life. If you have any questions about what you just read,feel free to contact Jaime using the information given below.

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